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for selling land in the enterpreneurial district Logorište

1. Land for the purpose of building business structures in the enterpreneurial district Logorište (Business Park Karlovac) is being sold

2. The enterpreneurial district is divided into 60 building plots of mixed and business purpose with a total area of 324.383 m2 with:
  • a) plots of mixed purpose predominantly business-like (30 plots covering the area of total 41.695 m2
  • b) plots of business purpose - production / business (30 plots covering the area of total 282.688 m2)
County of Karlovac will provide the communal equipment for all the plots in the enterpreneurial district, including access roads, electricity, water, sewage system, telecommunications and gas-installations. Insight into a cartographic outline of the plots according to their purpose and area, plots' boundaries and their basic characteristics can be obtained at the seller's.

3. Within the enterpreneurial district following activities can be performed:
  • Production of goods
  • Refinement of goods
At the mixed purpose plots service activities can also be performed.

4. Both physical persons (domestic/local) and corporations (local and foreign) can offer their tenders.

Those tenderers who fulfill at least one of the following terms will be given preference in purchasing the land:
  • Employing a greater number of work force
  • Performing production activities
  • Export-oriented activities
5. alongside the tender one should enclose:
  • A court, professional or trade registry certificate
  • Forms: BON-1; BON-2 (SOL)
  • A certificate obtained from the national tax office proving neat fulfillment of all due tax duties, retirement and medical security benefit taxes
Evidence of valid certificates means enclosing original certificates or a notarized copy no older than 6 months

6. The competent board may demand to get insight into further information from a tenderer.

7. County-government may annul the tender without any reasons adduced, or not accept a single offer, and while doing so not be responsible for any possible damages that may occur.

8. County of Karlovac and the purchaser will regulate mutual rights and obligations in a special contract, concerning the selling of the land in the entrepreneurial district.

The purchaser is obliged to commence performing the activities for which he had been granted the right to buy the land within one year at the latest of signing the contract of buying the land.

When signing the contract the purchaser is obliged to submit to the County of Karlovac a bank warranty or a deposit as means of insurance in the amount of sale value of the subject-land. The purchaser is obliged to invest - set up structures or plants, and put them into operation according to the dynamics given alongside the tender. Conversely, the seller may terminate the contract without any indemnification for the invested means with the purchaser being obliged to revert the area to into the condition prior to signing the contract.

9. The price of the land per plot in the entrepreneurial district amounts to 37,00 kunas per m2, except the plots from number 4/1 to 6/3 the price of which is 30,00 kunas per m2.

10. Property sales tax is paid by the purchaser.

11. This tender is open with continuity until the selling of all the plots in the business area has been achieved.

12. Offers are to be delivered to the address of the County of Karlovac, Karlovac, A. Vranyczanya 2. The tender board with a denotation: An offer for the public tender for selling the land in the entrepreneurial district Logorište - do not open.

13. Further information and an insight into the area of the entrepreneurial district Logorište can be obtained, with a prior notification, on the following telephone number ++385 (0)47 609 170, at the offices of Administration department of economy of County of Karlovac.

Karlovačka županija, Karlovac, A. Vraniczanya 2   tel. ++385 (0)47 609 170, fax ++385 (0)47 609 175